Medical Laboratory Simulation Curricula Database

The Medical Laboratory Simulation Curricula Database (Database) is design for academic programs and clinical laboratory settings to exchange simulation curricula. The Database is a repository of simulation curricula across all simulation modalities, scenario development tools and templates, and learner assessment tools for evaluation or research.

The Database can only be accessed by active certified CSMLS members only. It was created to provide a cost-effective means for CSMLS members to share and utilize simulation curricula that can contribute to the CSMLS Call to Action as well as support innovative models of educations within the medical laboratory field.

Please use the search parameters to identify relevant simulation curricula. If you would like to submit curricula to the database or want more information, please see this webpage

If you would like to contribute curriculum to the Database, please review the submission information and complete the submission form


If you have any questions, email with the subject title, “Medical Laboratory Simulation Curricula Database”.

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