Annual Report 2023


Necessity is the mother of invention. The needs of medical laboratories and health care systems, are constantly evolving. Thus, meeting the needs of our members and the profession we serve requires us to be inventive, imaginative, and open to change.

As we collectively navigated through the pandemic, the CSMLS had to reimagine how to deliver a certification exam and keep the pipeline of new professionals flowing to a system that needed them more than ever.

In the past year, our gaze has shifted from ‘how’ to ‘who’. The practice of medical laboratory science continues to evolve and competency profiles are evolving to reflect the changing roles.

With the breadth of professionals working within Canadian labs expanding and the shortage of MLTs impacting communities across the country, we need to consider what professional pathways could exist to better support the labour market needs. Whether that’s consulting with educators on possible advanced MLA upgrading or exploring the feasibility of single discipline specialties, the CSMLS is committed to working with employers and regulators to find solutions that meet the needs of all stakeholders, while remaining true to our high standards.

In addition to advocating provincial governments to expand existing MLT programming, CSMLS has taken a leadership role in other endeavours that help to mitigate the MLT shortage. Our Lab Wisely project, with Choosing Wisely Canada, seeks to reduce unnecessary or low-value testing, ultimately improving patient outcomes while reducing workload burdens on already strained labs. Another aim is to empower task shifting, ensuring the right professionals are performing the right tasks. MLA regulation is key to this and will help that professional group continue their evolution within the health care system.

Our profession is in a state of disruption. I hope as you read through this report, you will see examples of how we are adapting, collaborating, and changing to support you through this disruption. Afterall, supporting our members is at the heart of everything we do.


2023 was a year full of learning opportunities and successful experiences. I’m proud and grateful for being your President through a year in which we dedicated time to strengthen CSMLS’ governance practices and ensured our advocacy efforts reflected our commitment to the medical laboratory profession.

As CSMLS President, my role encompassed many different tasks, including fostering more spaces to discuss Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging (EDIB) culture, a topic which I’m passionate about. One of the first steps included recognizing the facets that shape our identity. I am a white, cis-gendered female, millennial, mother, partner, educator, and medical laboratory professional. Through the lenses of my personal and professional life, I discover more about my identity and the identity of others. This holds true for every medical laboratory professional committed to serving their community.

CSMLS sees how incredibly diverse we are and wants to cultivate a space where this beautiful diversity of race, gender, religions, sexual orientations, generations, and thoughts, thrive, even in the complexity of its intersections. Building a stronger community where every voice is heard and respected, leads to better performance at our workplaces and ultimately improves patient care.

This year we worked forging these spaces to expand our membership’s sense of belonging while still feeling included and represented in every step of their journey. We made sure to enact policies and practices where this purpose was reflected, including accessible and inclusive educational resources through the Learning Centre and events, new stories and member spotlights in the CJMLS, new career approaches in the Career Centre, mental health support through the Beyond Silence app, and much more.

I am proud of the progress we have made, but our work is not yet complete. There are still conversations to be had and efforts to be made in order to accurately represent CSMLS' governing practices and our values as a society. I am excited to see what steps we will take next.

Financial Summary Mission, Vision & Values 2023 Board of Directors Highlights of 2023 - Public Awareness Highlights of 2023 - New Resources Highlights of 2023 - Certification Member Distribution Grants, Scholarship and Awards National Voice

Financial Summary


On behalf of the 2023 CSMLS Board of Directors, we present the 2023 Financial Report below.

The summary financial statements and the auditor's report do not include all the disclosures required by Canadian accounting standards for not-for-profit associations. Request a copy of the complete audited financial statements emailing.

Mission, Vision & Values


  Our Vision

Excellence in medical laboratory science.

  Our Mission

To advance the medical laboratory profession through certification, education and advocacy.


  Our Values


  • We act with honesty and trustworthiness.

  • We use democratic, objective, open and transparent processes.


  • We provide standards that ensure high quality medical laboratory professionals.

  • We are innovative leaders in meeting the needs of our members and our community.

  • We celebrate our members and their vital role in the health care system.


  • We are responsible to our members and stakeholders.

  • We promote high standards of practice.

  • We make evidence informed decisions.


  • We seek to build constructive partnerships and work collaboratively to achieve successful outcomes.

  • We value equality, dignity, diversity and confidentiality.

  • We value, encourage and support members, volunteers and staff.


Strategic Plan


The CSMLS Strategic Plan focuses on these four key areas to support the continued success of the organization:


2023 Board of Directors


Michele Sykes

Director, MB & SK

Kim Alkalay

Vice President

Lucie Alain

Past President

Allie Shields

Director, MLA

Marie-France Jémus

Director, Bilingual


Tiffany Clouston

Director, Atlantic

Karen Moffat

Director, ON

Valentin Villatoro

Director, AB, NT & NU

Dennet Pritchard

Director, BC & YK


A Governance Review was completed in May by an external consultant. There were no significant gaps in governance identified, but there were several recommendations made that could support the CSMLS in achieving excellence in governance practices. The majority of these recommendations have already been actioned or are in progress.

All Board members have completed the target set for Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging (EDIB) training for 2023. This is a continuous journey, and the Board commits to engaging in future training and activities that ensure EDIB is embodied in our policies, practices, and culture.

Our mission includes efforts in advocacy, for this reason, Board members participated in Lobby Days in British Columbia and Ontario to discuss challenges and propose collaborative solutions that positively impact the field.

The Board participated in provincial conferences or continuing education days hosted across six different provinces, from British Columbia to Newfoundland, presented at different post-secondary institutions across Canada to learners in MLA and MLT programs, and led the Lab Wisely Database Committee demonstrating our commitment and action towards laboratory stewardship.

Various Board members led or supported National Medical Laboratory Week celebrations, including a presentation of the Indigo Lab Coat at The Ottawa Hospital General Campus and at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario.

Committees of the Board

Legislation Committee

Ensures appropriate governance of the CSMLS through review and monitoring of documents such as the bylaws and board policies and procedures.

Some highlights from 2023 include the review of seven policies and procedures, the creation of one new policy, and a comprehensive review of the CSMLS Code of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct.

Educator Committee

A two-way communication forum between the CSMLS and educators from across Canada to collaborate on areas of common interest.

In 2023, this included a table at the Open Forum at LABCON23 to discuss issues and trends in medical laboratory science education, an Educator’s Virtual Event which included sessions on learner’s perspectives and simulation, and a published educator survey that provided evidence regarding the vast variation in educational programs across Canada.

Grants, Scholarships, and Awards

Staff, Board members, and volunteers worked together to distribute $13,000 in funding to 13 deserving members who have demonstrated exceptional academic achievements, leadership qualities, and commitment to making a positive impact in the laboratory profession. Additionally, six members were awarded the LABCON Leaders of Tomorrow Grant to attend LABCON2024 in St. John’s, NL.


Finance Committee

The Finance Committee met regularly throughout 2023 to ensure sound financial management of the CSMLS through the identification of budgetary needs and review of financial reports. We ended the year with a surplus revenue noted in the Financial Summary.

The CSMLS Board of Directors acts with fiduciary responsibility to ensure the needs of the members are met while maintaining the financial sustainability of the organization.

Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee prepared a slate of candidates for the Quebec and Manitoba/Saskatchewan Director positions. Unfortunately, the Quebec nominee was unable to fulfill the role and the position is currently vacant, with recruitment underway in 2024. Madison Sielski was the successful Manitoba/Saskatchewan candidate.


Highlights of 2023


Public and Government Advocacy

Addressing the shortage of medical laboratory professionals

CSMLS has been advocating to address the shortage of medical laboratory professionals in Canada. Our efforts have been focused on engaging with both federal and provincial governments to establish clear steps toward building a sustainable laboratory workforce while also meeting the future health care needs of our country.

We have been taking this message to decision-makers across the nation, including a meeting at Ontario's Queen's Park in early 2023, with Hon. Sylvia Jones, Deputy Premier and Minister of Health, and other representatives from the health care community. Our advocacy efforts center on expanding training programs, creating support systems for the integration of Internationally Educated Medical Laboratory Technologists (IEMLTs), reducing low-value testing through the Lab Wisely initiatives, and the regulation of medical laboratory assistants (MLAs).

There has been progress in the discussions about the optimization of MLAs in health care. CSMLS has formally submitted proposals for MLA regulation to the Governments of Nova Scotia and Alberta.

National Medical Laboratory Week

April 9 - 15

This edition of Lab Week was a special one. Members placed over 750 orders of free swag in under four days at, and tens of thousands of posters, pens and brochures went directly to their homes or workplaces including some provinces we had never reached before. Additionally, Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer, Dr. Theresa Tam shared her gratitude through an incredible video recognizing every medical laboratory professional for their life-saving work.

We also launched a campaign featuring new art that includes a hidden message on MLPs' unseen work: behind every test, and every patient is a medical laboratory professional. Featured in posters and social media advertisements, this art helped Canadians truly understand and appreciate exactly who is behind each of their medical laboratory test results.

For a third consecutive year, monuments and landmarks across the country lit up in indigo. We set another new record: at least 26 sites participated, including some in provinces we had never reached.

Photo courtesy of CCNB in Dieppe, New Brunswick
Photo courtesy of Anderson College in London, Ontario

In the Lab

CSMLS partnered with University Health Network (UHN) to release three new episodes of the web-video series called "In the Lab". The series highlights the work of medical laboratory professionals (MLPs) and has become one of our most popular advocacy resources. Through the videos, viewers get a behind-the-scenes look at the crucial role MLPs play in our health care system.

The three videos explore different tests performed by medical laboratory technologists, with the MLPs themselves explaining the science behind it all. In the first episode, genetics medical lab professional Erica Dafoe demonstrates fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) testing at the MaRS District prognostic lab, a type of cytogenetic test that detects specific genes or parts of genes. MLT Chris Rizarri explains the science behind PCR testing and when it’s used. Lastly, charge medical lab technologist Anselmo Fabros shows the most common way to test for autoimmune diseases with ANAs, or antinuclear antibodies screen.


Unseen Travelling Exhibit

The Unseen Exhibit in 2022 helped capture the public’s attention in a brand-new way, bringing much-deserved awareness to the work of medical laboratory professionals with the art of Dahae Song.

Continuing the momentum of the exhibit, we brought it to even more people. We sent the original art - including the full canvases and the painted Indigo Lab Coat – along with new ready-to-display information panels to members across Canada. With volunteer hosts lined up for nearly a year, the travelling Unseen Exhibit reached more Canadians and helped them see how the work of medical laboratory professionals impacts every aspect of patient care.

The Canadian Blood Services in Lethbridge, Alberta, was our first destination. Members, donors and patients of all ages had the opportunity to experience a representation of the work of medical laboratory professionals as timeless pieces of art – and portals to the lab world.

Photos courtesy of Trudy Seely from the Canadian Blood Services in Lethbridge, AB

Exam Changes

MLA Certification Exam Change

As of December 2023, and effective with the June 2024 exam session, MLAs who have attained MLPAO certification in the past 5 years will now be eligible to challenge the CSMLS National MLA Certification Examination. 

Competency Profile Review Update

All CSMLS national competency profiles© - MLT: General, Clinical Genetics, Diagnostic Cytology, and MLA - were submitted to Accreditation Canada’s EQual™ program on December 15, 2023.

Once the revised profiles are confirmed by Accreditation Canada, the CSMLS, in conjunction with Accreditation Canada, will announce and publish the revised profiles on, including the national certification examination sessions they will be in effect for.

All Competency Profiles are now accepted and communicated on

New Resources

Continuing Education

In 2023, CSMLS’ Learning Centre reached over 1000 hours of free content on various topics related to medical laboratory science. CSMLS created several new premium webinars, covering subjects such as customer service, transfusion reactions, COVID-19 reflections, and more. The on-demand webinars were also updated with fresh sessions on topics such as click chemistry, thalassemia, enhanced liver fibrosis, and others.


This year, CSMLS organized a variety of events and symposiums that catered to the needs of our community. We hosted a total of 12 Insight Speakers Series events, featuring expert knowledge and outstanding topics. Additionally, we included hybrid events such as the Leadership Masterclass in March, the Educator's Education Virtual Symposium in July, the Phlebotomy Symposium in October, and the Chemistry Symposium in November.


This year's LABCON was a memorable one. The medical laboratory community gathered in Whistler, BC, to reconnect with their friends and peers. The event featured various networking opportunities, learning sessions, and discovery events. Attendees had the chance to learn from speakers about a wide range of topics, including microbiology, public health, safety, artificial intelligence, genetics, mental health management, and more. They also received a special video message from Dr. Theresa Tam, Canada's Chief Public Health Officer, thanking them for their work and wishing them a happy LABCON.

This year, wellness and cultural events were a highlight for MLPs. They had the opportunity to recharge with a nature hike, learn new skills with a hand drum and dreamcatcher making workshop, and listen to Juno award-winning musician Susan Aglukark, who shared her personal history through music as an Inuk. There was truly something for every delegate and laboratory designation.



Certification and PLA

The CSMLS Certification and Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) department strives to help as many elegibile candidates as possible challenge the National Certification Exam and enter the workforce amidst another year of MLT shortages.


Exam Candidates
MLT Cytology


Exam Candidates
MLT General


Exam Candidates
MLT Clinical Genetics


Exam Candidates



New Certified Members


PLA applications


PLA applications




Grants, Scholarship and Award Recipients

CSMLS takes pride in providing many grants, scholarships, and awards to our members. These financial benefits are intended to support the professional development of members, assist students in their education, and acknowledge those who have demonstrated excellence in their profession.

Congratulations to all the recipients. Find the complete list of 2023 recipients below.


2023 Award Recipients

EV Booth Scholarship

Shelly Stevens

Founders Fund MLA

Claudia Tsoi

BD Young Leaders Scholarship

Meagan Kramer

International Founders Fund

Jelili Mustapha

AR Shearer Pride of the Profession Award

Rafik Ragheb

World Medical Laboratory Development Fund

Jelili Mustapha

Gaman J. Modi Award of Excellence

Sandy Charbonneau

Shannon Morris

Founders Fund MLT

Danielle Menezes

Jingwei Chen

Megan Swetnam

BD Student Scholarships

Allyssa Ostrowercha

Lillian Starchuck

Tracie Whitelaw

Lab Leaders of Tomorrow (LABCON) Grant

Denise Bu

Erykah Brown

Jacob Wasylenko

Stephanie Coté Girard

Jiaming Du

Elly Mechefske-Hazboun


Volunteers and Contributors


We rely on the dedication and commitment of our volunteers. CSMLS would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to every one of our volunteers who are the driving force of our organization and the laboratory community. Thank you for generously devoting your time, knowledge, and expertise.

Alberto Jr Pineda Allie Shields Alina Turner Alrene Murray Amanda Hess
Amanda Cocca Amanda vanSpronsen Amanda Wong Amber Grassi Amy Carver
Andrew Leone Angela Yim Areesha Wasim Atusa Firouzabadi Barbara Wong
Bernard Hartung Betty Sin Wah Chan Brendan O'Brien Brittney Bragnalo Brittney Grondin
Carlos Pereira Carolyn Hallett Catherine Bodroghy Chelsea Busby Chelsey Panagapko
Cherise Ens Christine Bruce Claire Cascadia Hilscher Corey Murray Danielle McLennan
Danielle Meister Danni Zhang Dannielle Lunsted Danny Rowsell Daryl Allison Foot
Delaney Lee Nickerson Dennet Marie Pritchard Devena Steinmann Diana Christianson Elizabeth Kondratuk
Elizabeth Quint Emily Chen Fadila Kacimi Feifei Chen (Emma) Florentino Roque
Frederick Wong Gregory Hardy Guylaine Michaud Hansika Deepak Helene Goulding
Ian Grace Ike Agbassi Irina Bacanu Ismaila Amusat Ivan Aditya
Ivan Miller Jackson Y H Wu Janice Lee Jean-Paul Nadeau Jeff Ray Arlan Sanchez
Jelili Mustapha Jennifer McCulloch Jennifer Cole Jessica Bourke Jesusa Paz Castillo
Jiaming Du Johane Arsenault John Soltys Josh MacDonald Joshua MacDonald
Julie Horne Julie Anne Fisher Julie Carruthers Julius Valido Junkyu Lee
Karen Anne Moffat Karly Marie Robles Katherene Ogbulafor Katherine Chorneyko Kathleen Hitchings
Kathy Chun Kathy Giang Kayla Burke Kaylan Symes Kehinde Dada
Kelsey Alain Kendra Soukeroff Kenneth Wong Kim Alkalay Kimberly Lee Wheelans
Kristi Lew Lalena Stary Laura Penitch Lavern Bourne Lisa Mantifel
Lisette Vienneau Luc Andre Richard Lucie Alain Lydia Elizabeth Keczem Ma. Catherine Ancheta
Madison Sielski Mallory Renschler Marcela Navarro Marcene Campbell Marie-France Jemus
Mario D’Angelo Mario Hemens Mariela Soifer Mark James Hawkins Mary Costantino
Masaye Tanaka Masi Basiri Mathew Carter Melissa Walsh Melissa Mikl
Michele Sykes Michelle Corinne Lui Michelle Dunn Mikael Khan Nargis Mohamed Hirji
Natasha Perepelkin Nicola Salter Nikki Laidley Nneka Odoka Olayiwola Orisadare
Patricia Longpre Patrick Michael Smith Paulette Van Vliet Pauline Tomlin Pritpaul Ruby Jaswal
Rachelle Kingsler Rafik Ragheb Rajesh Ramoutar Reginald Yiu Roberta Martindale
Robyn Grant Roche Sinoben Roksoliana Angelica Sidorenko Samantha Tiller Samira Ahmed
Sana Chaudhry Sandra Denise Soucie Saranya Arnoldo Shannon Morris Sharon Brideau
Sharon Leal Shawn Gilbert Shawn Ingersoll Shawna Lee Shelley Black
Sherri Wilson Simone Chaboillez Sohal Pandya Stephanie Eccles Stephanie Taylor
Sukhbir Matharu Susanne Marie Folco Tiffany Clouston Tricia Lynn VanDenakker Ugochukwu Nwaeme
Valentin (Tino) Villatoro Venessa Le Blanc Victoria Massey Wesley Nishi Yu-Wei Roy Chen

Donors to Grants, Scholarships and Awards

CSMLS is grateful for the generosity of the following supporters of the CSMLS Grants, Scholarships and Awards. Thanks to their financial contributions, we can continue to support our members’ professional and educational development.
Abiola Fagbuyi Aleksandra Edison Allie Shields Amanda VanSpronsen Andrea Lea-Stoddart
Barbara Hall Breanne Ballanger Brenda Braendel Brenda Soutar Christine Nielsen
Christine Sorko Dale Joanne Fromberg Dianna Diep Emily Chen Eugenet Frigillano
Francois Deschenes Frederick Wong Giandeep Khepar Gregory Hardy Hanna Interewicz
Helen Deborah Elliott Irene Federkewych Jason Noonan Jessica Bourke Jessica Wiebe
Joël Rivero Julie MacDonald Karen Anne Moffat Karen Gay Scraba Karen Rumson
Keeley Morison-Clarke Keely Greenfield Khine Myo Kim Alkalay Kristin Juenke
Kulvinder Mannan Leslie Stonehouse Lisette Vienneau Lucie Alain M. Ofelia Ribeiro
Margot Beverly Newton Maricel Benedicto Marie-France Jemus Mark Stevenson Mary Fountas
Michele Sykes Miriam Holwell Nancy Delaney Nancy Scott-Langille Nick Edwards
Olga Harrison Ossayed Al Awor Penny Van Drunen Rhoda Oprisan Rosalia Santos
Ruth Farrow Samuel Benedicto Sarjeet Singh Shahzad Zamanipour Sharon Lynne Sutherland
Taryn Matis Thomas Dorland Tiffany Clouston Valentin (Tino) Villatoro Vethearvy Roth
Warren Shih Wesley Nishi Yi Cao    

National Voice


As the National Voice of Canada's medical laboratory profession, CSMLS advocates for the needs and concerns of medical laboratory professionals in their interactions with laboratory and health care-related organizations.

Throughout the year, we collaborate with the media, policymakers, and other stakeholders. Here are the highlights of where your voice was heard in 2023.


  • Canadian Network of Agencies for Regulation (CNAR) Education Planning Committee (monthly)
  • Northern Remote Indigenous Communities (NRI) Laboratory Engagement Group Meeting (bi-weekly) with Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC)
  • SUCCESS Foreign Credential Recognition (FCR) Loan Project — Request for Support
  • Alberta Precision Laboratories (APL) Our People Sustainability Strategy Steering Committee Meeting
  • Team Primary Care — Partners Meeting (College of Family Physicians of Canada)
  • Canadian Alliance of Medical Laboratory Professionals (CAMLPR) — CSMLS Forum
  • Team Primary Care — Human Health Resources (HHR) Collaborative Table Meeting
  • CNAR Research Program Committee
  • St. Clair College — Presentation on Ethics and Medical Laboratory Science (MLS)


  • Organizations for Health Action (HEAL) Management Committee Meeting (Guest)
  • NRI Communities Laboratory Engagement Group Meeting (bi-weekly) with PHAC
  • CNAR Education Planning Committee
  • Team Primary Care: HHR Meeting
  • 2023 Ontario Budget Consultations with the provincial Ministry of Finance
  • Ontario Advocacy Day — CSMLS Delegation to Ontario government officials


  • Alberta Precision Lab (APL) Steering Committee Meeting
  • EQual (Accreditation Canada) Council Executive Meeting
  • Canadian Association of Allied Health Programs (CICAN) Virtu-WIL Advisory Committee Meeting
  • Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR) Minimum Data Standard and MLTs Meeting
  • SimCanada Health Workforce Strategy Committee Meeting
  • British Columbia Society of Laboratory Science (BCSLS) Pre/Post Analytical Symposium (presented)
  • HEAL (Organizations for Health Action) Quarterly Meeting
  • Alberta Advocacy: Meeting with MLA David Shepherd, NDP Health Critic Re: Medical Laboratory Assistant (MLA) Regulation
  • Ontario Advocacy: Meeting with MPP France Gélinas, NDP Health Critic
  • BC Lobby Days: British Columbia Government Relations Events


  • University of Alberta: Sub-Specialization in Medical Laboratory Technology Meeting
  • Canadian Network of Associations for Regulation (CNAR) Research Program Committee: Preparation for Proposal Review
  • CSMLS: Canadian Alliance of Medical Laboratory Professionals Regulators (CAMLPR) Forum Meeting
  • Manitoba Association of Health Care Professionals (MAHCP)


  • APL Steering Committee Meeting
  • Canadian Standards Association (CSA) TC Z252 Medical Laboratory Quality Systems and Mirror Committee to ISO/TC 212 Meetings
  • Canadian Association of Allied Health Programs (CAAHP) Annual Conference (presented)
  • EQual Council Executive Meeting
  • CNAR Research Program Committee: Review of Proposals
  • Northern Remote Indigenous (NRI) Communities Laboratory Engagement Group Meeting, with Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC)


  • Conference Board of Canada: National Immigration Centre (NIC) Conference (presented)
  • Choosing Wisely Canada: Annual Meeting of the Societies
  • CSMLS Forum with the College of Medical Laboratory Technologists of Ontario (CMLTO)
  • Annual General Meeting of the Medical Laboratory Professionals’ Association of Ontario (MLPAO)
  • EQual Council Executive Meeting
  • Team Primary Care: Interprofessional Collaborative Meeting (CIHR)
  • CNAR Education Planning and Research Program Committee Meetings
  • HEAL Quarterly Meeting
  • APL Steering Committee Meeting
  • NRI Communities Laboratory Engagement Group Meeting
  • Canadian Health Workforce Network (CHWN) Dialogue: Health Workforce Research Gaps (CIHR)


  • EQual (Accreditation Canada) Fee Structure meeting


  • Flexible Pathways to Registration for MLTs Orientation with CAMLPR
  • Simulation and the Competency Profiles for CSMLS — Presentation to Alberta Stakeholders
  • A.R. Shearer Pride of the Profession Award Presentation
  • Flexible Pathways to Registration for MLTs — Review of Competencies with CAMLPR
  • Government of Canada — Interest in the Foreign Credential Recognition Program
  • Gaman J. Modi Award of Excellence Presentation
    WAWA, ON
  • Northern Remote Indigenous (NRI) Communities Laboratory Engagement Working Group Meetings with Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC)


  • Conference Board of Canada — NIC: Summit 2024 Brainstorm
  • EQual Council Quarterly Meeting
  • University of Alberta Professional Standards for Medical Students Ceremony — Keynote Presentation
  • Kenora Rainy River Regional Lab Program — Presentation
  • Team Primary Care Interprofessional Collaborative
  • Virtual School Visit — Presentation on CSMLS Certification and Membership
  • NRI Communities Laboratory Engagement Working Group Meeting with PHAC
  • British Columbia Society of Laboratory Science (BCSLS) Congress
  • Anderson College Annual Scientific Day
  • Alberta Ministry of Health — Meeting on Regulation


  • International Federation of Biomedical Laboratory Science (IFBLS) General Assembly of Delegates (GAD) and Chief Delegate (CD) Meetings
  • NRI Communities Laboratory Engagement Working Group with PHAC
  • CAMLPR — CSMLS Forum


  • NIC Meeting — Virtual/Hybrid Service Delivery
  • CNAR Education Planning Committee Meeting
  • Alberta Precision Lab (APL) Steering Committee Meeting: Simulation Presentation
  • Canadian Standards Association (CSA) TC Z252 — Medical Laboratories and Quality Systems Meeting
  • Interprofessional Collaborative Meeting with Accreditors
  • CSA ISO TC 212 — Mirror Committee Meeting


  • Ontario Tech University Meeting – MLT Micro-Credentials
  • EQual (Accreditation Canada) Council Executive Meeting
  • PHAC Laboratory Engagement Working Group
  • HEAL Quarterly Meeting
  • Ontario Tech University Meeting – MLA Training
  • SimCanada’s Expo

Previous Years


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