Knowledge Certificates

Enhance your skills and build your resume! CSMLS is proud to offer new certificates that are available through our Learning Services. Discipline-specific and interdisciplinary certificates are available with more certificates in development. To qualify for a Learning Services Certificate, members must keep track of individual courses completed. Required courses for refresher and basic certificates must be completed within the last two (2) years and for advanced certificates within the last three (3) years.

When Knowledge Certificate requirements are completed, please notify Learning Services.

Certificates are available in three levels: Refresher, Basic and Advanced


  Certificate in Transfusion Medicine Refresher

Certificate Requirement

  • Transfusion Medicine Refresher Course (4336)

Elective Requirements

Two of the following:

  • Overview of Common Blood Group Systems (9812)
  • Hemolytic Disease of the Fetus and Newborn (9860)
  • ABO Discrepancies: A Systematic Approach to Resolve Serological Problems (9835)
  • Plasma Fractions (9856)


  Certificate in Phlebotomy Essentials

Certificate Requirements

  • Basic Venipuncture (9912)
  • Delivering World-Class Customer Service (9910)
  • Preventing Pre-Analytical Errors (9913)
  • Skin Punctures and Newborn Screens (9914)
  • Successful Strategies for Difficult Draws(9911)

  Certificate in Basic Microbiology

Certificate Requirements

  • Anaerobic Bacteriology Part 1: An Introduction to Anaerobic Bacteriology (4878)
  • Anaerobic Bacteriology Part 2: Methods and Identification (4879)

Elective Requirements

Two of the following:

  • Staphylococci (9813)
  • Streptococci (9814)
  • Enterobacteriaceae (9830)
  • Enterobacteriaceae: Media and Identification Tests (9831)
  • Neisseria and Moraxella (9821)
  • Fastidious Gram Negative Rods (9820)
  • Miscellaneous Gram Positive Rods (9828)

  Certificate in Laboratory Safety

Certificate Requirements

  • Laboratory Safety 1: Introduction, Overview, General Occupational Hygiene and Biosafety (4916)
  • Laboratory Safety 2: Chemical and Physical Agents (4917)
  • Laboratory Safety 3: Special Subjects in Laboratory Safety (4918)
  • Laboratory Safety 4: Fundamentals of Laboratory Safety (4919)


  Certificate in Quality Systems

Certificate Requirements

  • Quality Systems for the Clinical Laboratory 1 (Introduction) (4668)
  • Quality Systems for the Clinical Laboratory 2 (Planning/Design) (4669)
  • Quality Systems for the Clinical Laboratory 3 (Implementation) (4670)

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