Canadian Educated Professionals

The Professions

Medical laboratory professionals work in a variety of specialties. Each profession has specific tools, techniques and roles to play within the laboratory. Learn more about each of the professions below.

Medical Laboratory Technologist

Medical Laboratory Assistant

EQual™ Program Candidate?

If you have attended and successfully completed an EQual™ accredited Canadian medical laboratory educational program within 2 weeks* to 12 months prior to the exam session you wish to write, you will be eligible to challenge the CSMLS National Certification Examination.

We will contact your educational institution on your behalf to verify that you have completed the program requirements.

If we are unable to verify program completion, you will be required to verify the date of successful completion from an EQual™ accredited educational institution by submitting official documents to us by one of the following methods:

  • a notarized copy of your official program diploma or transcript, or
  • an official transcript or diploma

These are to be submitted directly by the Notary Public or issuing institution to the CSMLS office at your own cost. Additionally, if a candidate submits original physical documents to the CSMLS office as proof, they will not be returned to the candidate and become the property of the CSMLS.

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Not an EQual™ Program Candidate?

If you graduated from a non-EQual™ accredited Canadian Medical Laboratory program, have not yet challenge the CSMLS Exam, and are interested in pursuing certification, the CSMLS has a process that can assess your Canadian medical laboratory education to determine your eligibility to challenge the exam.

If you are an MLA working or who has worked within the Canadian medical laboratory field who has atleast 12 months of Canadian clinical work experience, with or without formal Medical Laboratory education, the CSMLS has a process that can assess your Canadian clinical work experience to determine your eligibility to challenge the exam.

This process for both is called a Prior Learning Assessment(PLA).


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