Mentorship Program

The pilot of the CSMLS Mentorship Program is now complete. We hope you found the service helpful as you advance through your career and perhaps even made some lasting friendships.

We thank everyone who took the time to connect with other members to share their wisdom and experience or learned about the profession from someone with more experience.

A summary of the pilot will be available shortly.


Research conducted by the CSMLS suggests that there is a real need for internationally educated MLTs and recently certified Canadian MLTs to be connected with experienced mentors in their field.

Mentors and mentees can expect a number of professional benefits by participating, including:

  • Preparation for, and assistance with job searching (resume and interviewing skills)
  • Advice for integration into the workforce
  • Help with the development of key professional skills
  • Career advancement/development advice
  • Understanding of the Canadian workplace and practice standards
  • Learn effective workplace communication
  • Support and advice while going through the PLA/certification process

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