Why Get Certified?

As a medical laboratory assistant, which is currently an unregulated profession, you may wonder why you should challenge the CSMLS Certification Exam.
For some, your employer may require CSMLS certification. If so, that’s reason enough; however, if your employer doesn’t currently require CSMLS certification, that could change. More companies include CSMLS certification as a prerequisite to employment. Certification allows you to keep your options open.

There are many benefits to writing the exam; including proving that your qualifications have been verified by a national body.

The CSMLS Certification Exam offers:

  • National recognition of competence to practice within national standards
  • Lowest priced MLA exam in Canada 
  • An exam developed by MLAs for MLAs
  • Rigorous exam development unlike any other MLA exam offered in Canada
  • Provides portability to most provinces and territories; because you never know where life is going to take you!
  • A professional credential recognized nationally
  • Three exam sittings each year (February, June, October)

To help you prepare, CSMLS also offers:

  • Comprehensive Competency Profiles outlining the skills and abilities expected of an entry-level MLA (this is what the exam focuses on)
  • Exam Handbooks with step by step instructions on how to prepare for the exam along with eligibility requirements and registration guidance
  • Exam Prep Videos with helpful information for those getting ready for the competency-based exam
  • Reference Textbook Lists that outline which textbooks the exam questions are based on (textbooks are available for purchase or can be borrowed from our Loan Library)

Certification is the foundation for a national professional culture that promotes pride, excellence and recognition.

Take pride in your chosen career and rely on CSMLS to support you every step of the way!

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