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Blood and Body Fluid Exposures

Occupational exposures to blood or body fluids are some of the most feared occupational hazards for health care workers...

Getting Back to Work

Once an employee has an injury or illness that results in extended time off from work...

Improving Laboratory Etiquette

How often have you watched a colleague working and worried about the effect on your own health and safety?...

Resources from Public Health Agency of Canada

1) Biosafety directives
Biosafety directives provide regulated parties with the customized containment requirements for activities with a specific pathogen or group of pathogens when the containment level does not align with the risk group.

2) Biosafety advisories
are developed when the data obtained from a Risk Assessment of a new or emerging pathogen of interest indicates that new physical and/or operational requirements are required to work with the pathogen safely. The new operational and/or physical requirements need to be disseminated to interested parties as soon as possible for the safe handling of the material. In order to ensure accuracy, biosafety advisories are reviewed frequently and updated when more information becomes available.

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