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Medical Laboratory Simulation Curricula Database Access and Submissions

The Medical Laboratory Simulation Curricula Database (Database) is design for academic programs and clinical laboratory settings to exchange simulation curricula. The Database is a repository of simulation curricula across all simulation modalities, scenario development tools and templates, and learner assessment tools for evaluation or research.

The Database will only be accessed by active CSMLS members with non-student memberships. It was created to provide a cost-effective means for CSMLS members to share and utilize simulation curricula that can contribute to the CSMLS Call to Action as well as support innovative models of educations within the medical laboratory field.

Login Instructions

You can access to the Database at anytime using your CSMLS login id. The Database will only be accessible to active CSMLS members with non-student memberships.


Submission Instructions

The Database contains three types of curricula related to simulation:

  • Scenarios – documented, validated simulation scenarios and supporting files that others can use to run simulations
  • Scenario development tools – document outlines, templates, guides or other resources used to assist with scenario development
  • Assessment tools – checklists, rating scales, rubrics, questionnaires and other tools that can be used to assess learners' performance in a simulation or to evaluate the sim scenario/activity itself

How to submit simulation curricula to the database?

  • Complete all fields of the Submission Form.
    • All of the requested information will be used to categorize your resource and make it easier for others to find relevant resources. Please take the time to provide information as accurately and using as much description as possible.
    • It will take approximately 10 minutes to complete the Submission Form if you have all of the information available.
  • Ensure that you have attached any curricula to the form that can be uploaded to the database.
    • Curricula can include but is not limited to teaching materials and evaluation materials targeted to students and/or educators.
    • CSMLS is not able to upload large volumes of pictures or videos. Please contact prior to submission of such items.
  • Read and complete all fields of the Contributor's Licence agreement.
  • Email your Submission Form and Contributor's Licence agreement to using the subject title, “Medical Laboratory Simulation Curricula Database”.
  • Once your documents have been reviewed by CSMLS, we may need to contact you for more information or to clarify a component of your submission forum.
  • When a all documents have been received and approved, CSMLS will upload the information Submission Form information and attachments to the Database on your behalf.

You are required to verify the following prior to submission:

  • There are two ways to add a resource to the Curricula Database:
    • You can provide a link to a resource that is publicly available on the internet, or
    • CSMLS can upload your files. If you are uploading files you must ensure that:
      • You own the materials or have permission from all owners to share them; and
      • Nothing in your curricula is copyrighted by someone else or contains student or patient information.

Licensing and Intellectual Property

The Database is an open, free repository built in the spirit of a sharing, scholarly and creative community. You retain ownership of the materials you upload.

For those individual submitting resources beyond a website link, the CSMLS license agreement allows CSMLS to host and distribute the materials so that others can copy, use, adapt and redistribute them for non-commercial and educational purposes, while giving you credit for your work.

This is modeled after other popular “copyleft” approaches and mirrors the repository of Simulation Canada.

If you have curricula to share but do not want to have it uploaded, you can provide this information within the database. Please contact for more information.

Quality of Database Contents

CSMLS will review all submissions to ensure minimum quality standards are met. CSMLS encourages you to provide any evidence or process validation for your submitted curricula to ensure the highest standards can be achieved and users of the database can be confident in the contents as well.

CSMLS will limit the submission of curricula to the Database in the following ways; however, additional criteria could be required, if needed, and such criteria will be determined and evaluated on a case by cases basis.

  • Curricula will be accepted from accredited organizations such as academic programs, clinical laboratories and simulation centres.
  • Submission Forms must be completed by CSMLS members who hold an active and non-student membership.
  • The CSMLS member must hold a position title that indicates relevant experience to the curricula submitted (e.g., educator, clinical instructor, clinical preceptor, manager). If the CSMLS member’s position title is not relevant to the curricula submitted, an explanation is required regarding relevant qualifications or expertise that positions them as an individual who can knowledgably provide and discuss the curricula.


Ready to get started?

Download a copy and complete a copy of the Submission Form. If you are submitting more than url links to the Database, you are required to read and provide a signed copy of the Contributor’s License with your Submission Form.

If you have any questions or would like to email your completed Submission Form, please do so using   the and the subject title, “Medical Laboratory Simulation Curricula Database”.

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