Recent US Immigration Regulation Changes

November 01, 2003


Hamilton, ON November 1, 2003


To: CSMLS Members working in the USA

From: Kurt H. Davis FCSMLS CAE 
Executive Director

Date: 2003 11 12

Subject: Recent US Immigration Regulation Changes

This communication is an alert to all CSMLS members working in the USA under a NAFTA TN-1 work visa. Recent regulatory changes to Section 343 of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act (IIRIRA) significantly affect you in your current situation. The recent revisions, which were proposed several years ago but never implemented for Canadians under NAFTA, now require you to complete a screening program in order to qualify for an occupational visas, before you can be issued a TN-1. Originally this legislation was supposed to apply to new applicants only, but it now appears that they have changed their stance on this and as of July 26, 2004 it will apply to all TN-1 applications, even if you are a renewal.

If you wish to continue working in the USA under a TN-1 visa you should immediately start this evaluation process. Additional details may be found at

You should contact International Commission on Healthcare Graduates (ICHP) to obtain detailed information about the Visa Screen program required under these changes at or by mail at

International Commission on Healthcare Graduates 
3600 Market Street Suite 400 
Philadelphia PA 19104-2665 USA

Telephone (215) 349-8767; Fax (215) 349-0026; E-mail

to receive the Visa Screen information and application package. According to the website, the current cost for this process is $350 US.

FYI: CSMLS worked with Canadian government officials to voice our concerns about this new bureaucracy, as we believe it is a violation of NAFTA. Unfortunately since 911, Homeland Security has been able to implement most any changes they wish to, and this legislation has been one of those items.

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