Medical Laboratory Technology

Recent Graduate?

If you are a recent graduate that has successfully completed an accredited education program in Medical Laboratory Technology in the last 12 months, you will be eligible to challenge the certification examination. 

We will contact your educational institution on your behalf to verify that you have completed the program requirements. If we are unable to verify program completion, you will be required to provide to us one of the following at your own cost:

  • a notarized copy of certificate and/or transcript confirming successful completion of an accredited educational institution (training program), or
  • a verification of successful program completion (transcript and/or diploma) to be sent to the CSMLS directly from your educational institution

Not a Recent Graduate?

If you are already working within the medical laboratory industry or you graduated more than 12 months ago and are interested in pursuing certification, the CSMLS will assess your prior education and experience to determine your eligibility to challenge the exam.  This process is called a Prior Learning Assessment (PLA).

Read more about our Prior Learning Assessment process.


Competency Profile

The CSMLS certification examinations are competency-based exams that test what you can do rather than simply reciting knowledge you acquired in school.  It focuses on your ability to apply your knowledge in the laboratory, not simply 'textbook' learning.
The competency profiles describe the minimal practice requirements of Medical Laboratory Technologists (MLTs) at entry-level, in order to provide safe, effective and ethical patient care in a variety of work environments.

The competency profiles are made up of categories of general topics within the field. 

Below is the Competency Profile for Medical Laboratory Technology.

Exam Blueprint

An Exam Blueprint is found within the Competency Profile.  It shows the exam weighting for each category (ie. how many marks each category is worth on the exam).  The Blueprints, along with the Competency Profiles, are valuable study tools.


Preparing for the Exam

All exam candidates are required to read and complete the Exam Handbook and Application.

The Handbook contains all the information you need to prepare for writing the exam. It includes:

  • Policies and procedures that candidates need to follow
  • Explanation of how the exam is created and scored
  • Details on how to apply for exams and eligibility criteria
  • What to expect after you write the exam
  • And much more!
View the Exam Handbook

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