Impact of COVID-19 to Accredited Program
Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT) and Assistant (MLA) Students

The CSMLS is aware that many programs are being profoundly affected by the COVID-19 global pandemic. Currently, the June 2020 CSMLS National Certification Examination (Exam) session will be available for all candidates whose clinical placements are complete or are still in session.

For those whose clinical placements are suspended and/or program completions are delayed, the CSMLS is actively investigating new testing dates to augment the June 2020 Exams. If these candidates have registered for the June 2020, we will transfer their Exam fees to the next Exam session that they will be able to attend at no additional cost to these candidates.

If the June 2020 session is suspended,due to current COVID-19 measures at Prometric Testing Centres extending past June 15, we will transfer the Exam fees for those who planned to write in June 2020 to the next available Exam session that they will be able to attend at no additional cost to these candidates.

Candidates must have successfully completed their entire program, including their clinical placements, before they attempt the Exam.

Our current Exam policy, as seen in the Exam Handbook (page 3) on our website, states that newly graduated candidates have 12 months from graduation to sit for the Exam. However,for MLT candidates, provincial MLT regulatory colleges may have additional requirements for sitting for the MLT Exams. We suggest you refer to the requirements of the regulator you may be interested in registering with, if there is one in your province.

As soon as we know more about what additional testing dates that may be available at Prometric Test Centres, and/or the impact to the June 2020 session, we will post updates on our website ( and send emails to registered candidates and to the educational community.

We understand this is a challenging time and appreciate your patience as we work through new processes within an ever-evolving situation. Our commitment to you is to keep you updated as soon as information is available.

Above all, please stay safe.


Registration is open to candidates who have successfully completed, or will successfully complete, an EQual™ accredited Medical Laboratory educational program 14 days to 12 months prior to the Exam they register for.

For a list of EQual™ accredited Medical Laboratory educational programs please see.

Registration is open to all PLA clients who have received a Statement of Eligibility to the CSMLS National Certification Exam, as listed on their statement, providing the Eligibility Statement is not expired.

All candidates will be verified as eligible to the Exam prior to the Exam they have registered for. If you are found ineligible to the Exam and your registration is cancelled, you may lose that attempt (considered a fail) and you may receive a partial or no refund, depending on timing. For our cancellation policy, please see below.

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