On Exam Day

You have studied all the material, now you are ready to take your certification exam. We’ve outlined what you should expect to happen on exam day to help you prepare for the day.

What to Bring into the Exam room

  • a sweater, jacket or hoodie (without pockets) in case the room temperature is not comfortable for you
  • your Admission to Exam Notification letter
  • your government issued photo identification (ID)

You must bring your Admission to Examination Notification and government issued photo identification to the exam site and present them to the exam invigilator. Absence from the exam due to not presenting your Admission to Exam Notice will result in the loss of that exam attempt without refund or credit.

  You will NOT be admitted to the exam without presenting your Admission to Exam Notification.

It is your responsibility to contact us if you do not receive your Admission to Exam Notification prior to the exam.  We do NOT issue Admission to Exam Notices on the day of the exam. 

Before the Start of the Exam

 You must sign the list of exam candidates when you enter the exam room. The invigilator will read the exam instructions aloud before the start of each part of the exam. You will be given the opportunity to ask questions at this time only. 

Late for the Exam

If you arrive late, you will NOT be given extra time to finish the exam. You will NOT be allowed entry into the exam after the first candidate has handed in their completed exam and has left the room.

The Exam Package

Before the exam starts, the invigilator will give you a sealed exam package. It contains all your exam material, including a pencil and calculator.  The content of the examination is confidential between you and the CSMLS and is NOT to be discussed or shared with anyone, including the exam invigilator.

You exam package will come in a large sealed outer envelope containing the following items:

  • Envelope (to package returning exam documents in)
  • Exam Test Booklet
  • Computer Answer Sheet
  • Question Comment Sheet
  • Pencil
  • Calculator
  • Images/Image Booklet (if applicable to your examination)

Exam Package Example


Exam Writing Tips

  Stay Calm

Take the time to read through the exam instructions carefully. Many candidates do not take this important step and then discover that they did the exam incorrectly.

Write your name and your CSMLS ID number clearly on the computer answer sheet provided and on the exam book. Do not leave this step until the end. You do not need to fill in your birth date, sex, grade or education.

  Budget Your Time

Note the number of questions. Quickly reading over the questions will assist in activating your memory. Decide which questions will be easier to do and which ones will take more time, and budget your time.  Allot time to review the exam and make corrections.  If you think of something as you preview, write it down immediately.

You can make notes on the exam book.

  Plan Your Attack

Read each question carefully and cover the answers, underlining key words if it helps. Mentally choose your answer (you can write it down if it helps), and scroll down the answers and see if yours is there.  If your answer is not there, skip that question and go back to it after you answer all the ones you know for sure.

  Answer Everything

Guess! There are no penalties for guessing.

If you do not see an obvious first choice, then do all of the following things:

  1. Underline key words and make sure that you know what they mean.
  2. Ignore answers that are obviously wrong.
  3. Select the best answer. Flag the questions you are not sure of and return to these questions at the end of the exam. 
  4. Do not leave any question unanswered.

Go with your gut instinct!

  Drawing a Blank

First, don’t panic and allow anxiety to take control of how you are going to do on the exam.  Ask yourself, “What do I need to know to answer this question?” and start writing down your thoughts.  Avoid negative self-talk – focus on the task instead of yourself.

  Review & Correct

Take the time to go over the exam and check your answers. Do not change anything unless you are 100% sure it is wrong.  Check mathematical answers by performing reverse calculations. Look at the processes you used.

Research indicates that first impressions are usually right. About three out of four changes are from a correct answer to a wrong one. Erase with great caution.


At the End of the Exam

When you finish the exam, you must put the following materials in the return envelope:

  • Signed Exam Security Agreement
  • Computer Answer Sheet
  • Exam Test Booklet
  • Question Comment Sheet
  • Rough Notes
  • Outer Envelope
  • Admission to Examination Notice
  • Images/Image Booklet (if applicable to your examination)

You will not have access to your exam materials after you have handed them to the invigilator. If your Exam Security Agreement is missing or not signed your exam will not be marked.

Seal the envelope and put your CSMLS identification number and signature on it.  If you do not know your CSMLS identification number you can leave that blank.  Hand the sealed envelope to the invigilator. 

Leave the exam desk/table with only the CSMLS pencil, calculator and your identification.   Collect any belongings that you may have left at the front of the room.  CSMLS is not responsible for any items brought to the exam site.

Unforeseen Circumstances

If an exam is disrupted through circumstances beyond the control of the exam site and the CSMLS (such as power failure or extreme weather), the invigilator or the person responsible for the site will contact the CSMLS about adjusting the timing of the exam.

On exam day, if you cannot reach the exam site because of circumstances beyond your control, you must contact the CSMLS BEFORE the exam begins.  Contact the office at or 905-667-8686.

The CSMLS will require supporting documentation within seven (7) calendar days after notification.  Supporting documentation may include doctor’s notes, CSMLS medical form, death certificates and/or other documents.

If you provide notification to us by this deadline, we will review your situation and consider refunding a portion of your examination fee and/or the reinstatement of that exam attempt.  Refunds of the exam fee and reinstatements of exam attempts will be considered on a case by case basis.

Congratulations! You have finished the exam.

What Happens Next?

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