After the Exam

There are hundreds of Medical Laboratory Technologist and Medical Laboratory Assistant candidates writing the CSMLS certification exam at each exam session. Exam material is shipped to the CSMLS office from across the country and each exam needs to be accounted for. Once all exams are accounted for the marking process can begin.  

Each exam package is opened manually and checked to ensure that all package contents have been returned. CSMLS staff  have to ensure that identification numbers and names are on the answer sheets, answer sheets are filled in properly, the Admission to Exam Notice matches the computer answer sheet, and the Exam Security Agreement has been signed. 

Any discrepancies or concerns, or invigilator concerns in this process must be investigated before any examinations are marked.

Exam Marking

Computer answer sheets (also known as bubble sheets) are electronically scanned during the marking process. We perform numerous quality control measures and analyze statistics based on each exam question. We create quality control reports during and after marking to ensure accuracy. Finally, when quality assurance is complete, we mail your exam results to you.


Results will be released online within forty-five (45) days of the exam date.  We will send you an email with a link providing you access to the exam portal. You will need to log in using your CSMLS username and password to view your results and see the status of your attempt. We recommend that all students provide a valid email address when registering for the exam and that you set a secure password. You have the option to print a copy of your exam results from the portal.

  Under no circumstances will we give or discuss exam results over the phone.

Those who are unsuccessful, can access their exam performance in the form of a bar chart that breaks down their exam performance based on the Competency Profile of the exam they wrote.

We report your exam result as “pass” or “fail.”  Candidates who have passed the exam will only receive the Angoff score.  Unsuccessful candidates will receive both their exam score and the Angoff  score.

We set the pass mark for each exam using the Double Angoff method; therefore, the passing criteria are different for each exam.

If you are unsuccessful at your exam attempt, you may receive notice of a required Learning Plan, based on the results of your exam performance. Please visit the Learning Plans page to learn more.

Regulatory Bodies

In provinces where we have an exam services agreement with a regulatory body, we will provide the regulatory body with a list of candidates from the province. The list shows each candidate’s pass or fail result. We will not give a candidate’s exam result to any other individual or organization without written consent from the candidate.

If you pass the exam and want to work in a regulated jurisdiction, contact the regulatory body in that province for their registration requirements.

CSMLS Certificate

 We will send your certificate when we process your Application for Membership and Certificate.  If you pass the exam, you will receive a Statement of Examination Results and an invitation to become a certified member of the CSMLS.  We provide certificates only to members in good standing.

Holding a certificate is a privilege of membership.  It is written in the CSMLS Bylaws that you must return your certificate to the CSMLS if you do not renew your membership.

Performance Chart (Bar Chart)

If you do not pass the exam, you will receive a performance report, displayed as a bar chart, that shows how you did in each of the categories defined in the exam blueprint. This report may help you prepare to write the exam again. If you pass the exam, you will not receive a performance report.

If you are a graduate from an accredited education program and you did not pass the exam, we encourage you to contact your educational institution as they may be able to assist you in preparing for your next exam attempt.

Applying for a rewrite

If you were not successful on your last/previous exam attempt and you are eligible to write the certification exam again, you will be automatically provided with an application form, directions and an alternate application deadline. You must follow the provided directions fully to be eligible for the next exam attempt. 

You will be required to apply and pay for your next exam attempt by mail, email or fax only. 

You are expected to come to the next available exam session. If you do not apply by the deadline date provided you will not be able to write the next exam and you will lose this attempt. A loss of an exam attempt is considered a fail.

If you were not successful on your last/previous exam attempt and you have been informed that you need to complete a Learning Plan, you cannot register for the next exam. Please follow the directions provided in the Learning Plan. 

If you have any questions about your Learning Plan, please contact directly the CSMLS representative you have been assigned to. 

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