Mental Health Awareness and Promotion Grants

Sincere congratulations to those members who submitted a grant application to increase awareness and promotion of mental health wellbeing in our profession. Your creative and inspirational ideas made it hard to determine these winners:

Scott Martin, Mandi Ayers & Danielle Bruce: Hosting a “Kick the Crap Out of Mental Issues in Health Care” which invites World Shogun Karate Kickboxing Champion and mental health worker Martin Roberge to put on a seminar/fitness session for lab staff and health professional at Bulkley Valley District Hospital

Judy Tran, Janet Day & Roger Boyle: Creating a transformational event for lab staff and health professionals at Toronto General Hospital to include a Tree of Appreciation (notes of gratitude), and other promotional activities (free compliment recourses, posters, information pamphlets, Buttons with “Our Lab stands up to Mental Health Stigma” and so much more).

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