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  Toronto, ON -- Thursday, September 21st @ 6:00pm

New CLSI and INS Blood Collection Standards: Essential Information for Your Practice
Susan Csatari, RN

This presentation will review significant changes in practice recommendations included in the 2017 revision of CLSI Standard GP41: Collection of Diagnostic Venous Blood Specimens, and the rationale for the changes (improved patient safety, specimen quality, and accuracy of results). This is important information for all phlebotomists, both Lab and Nursing professionals, who collect blood.

In addition, the 2016 revision to the INS (Infusion Nurses Society) Infusion Therapy Standards of Practice, Standard 43: Phlebotomy, includes significant practice change recommendations for nurses who collect blood samples. This will be briefly reviewed in the context of current common practice, and its impact on specimen quality and test results. A key change is the recommendation to avoid taking blood from IVs whenever possible, due to high rates of hemolysis associated with these collections.

At times, this may result in increased requests for Lab personnel to do venipuncture collections.

Up to 85% of clinical therapies are based on lab test results.1 It is therefore essential to ensure that blood specimens are an accurate reflection of the patient’s condition.

Given their shared accountability for patient outcomes related to blood collection, it is important for both Lab and Nursing professionals to understand each other’s practice and regulatory requirements.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand changes in Clinical standards for blood collection; be ready to adapt practice as facility policies are revised
  • Understand rationale for change (impact on test results and patient safety)
  • Define hemolysis: What causes it? What impact does it have on test results?
  • Describe recommended practice for Order of Draw, Tube filling and inversions; understand the “why”
  • What should both Lab phlebotomists and Nursing phlebotomists know about best site and device selection for blood collection?

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About the Presenter:

A Registered Nurse with over thirty years of experience, Susan’s background is in Med/Surg ICU, Neurosurgical ICU, and Endoscopy procedure nursing. 

In her role as National Clinical Practice Consultant, Vascular Access Blood Collection for BD-Canada, she presents evidence-based best practice information to national and provincial Nursing associations, including Vascular Access, Critical Care, Paediatric, Emergency and Oncology organizations.

Susan also leads and facilitates Clinical partnership projects, bringing Labs and Nursing together to resolve issues with specimen quality, and to foster understanding between both groups of the other’s practice requirements and challenges.

Good specimen quality helps ensure accurate test results and fewer rejected specimens. This leads to improved patient outcomes and decreased re-work for both Nursing and Lab professionals.

  Moncton, NB -- Thursday, September 28th @ 6:00pm

Lifting your Leadership Lid
Michael Hayes

Have you ever worked for a leader who held you back? Have you ever felt limited in your growth potential? You may have experienced a leadership lid that limited your abilities, potential and effectiveness. In this session, we’ll discuss the key characteristics of leaders who raise the lid on their own abilities so others can rise to new levels of contribution and performance.

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About the Presenter:

Michael Hayes is a passionate certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker with the John Maxwell Team and the President of Changing Leaf Inc. a leadership development company dedicated to developing better leaders. He is a co-author in volume two of the book “Dreaming BIG being BOLD-Inspiring stories from Trailblazers, Visionaries and Change Makers”.

He has over 20 years of experience in the transportation industry facilitating organizational development and team transformation with various employee levels including front-line, middle management and executives.

Michael earned a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management from Crandall University and is certified as a Master Lead Coach through Maureen Hannah & Associates. He is also a certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner for the EQ-I 2.0 and EQ360 assessments.

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