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Focus on your future - be part of a community of over 14,000 individuals that provides a sense of belonging andsets you up for personal & professional success in medical laboratory science.

  Become Future-Ready

  • Discover new trends, their impact on today’s laboratory and how to prepare yourself for the future
  • Learn best practices to support you in your day-to-day work life
  • Access the latest national job postings across Canada and see what skills employers are looking for
  • Explore career articles and download tools & resources that you can actually use

Future-proof yourself with the necessary skills to secure your role through these uncertain times.

  Protect Yourself with PLI

  • Extensive Professional Liability Insurance (PLI) for just pennies a day!
  • Our policy, designed specifically for lab professionals, includes PLI & Legal Defense
  • If you have coverage through your employer, is it the right coverage for you?
  • PLI is not included in our membership fees so if you don’t need it, you can opt-out and not have to pay the premium!

No one wants to think about needing insurance, but rest assured, you’re covered with CSMLS.

  Get the Support You Need with Advocacy

With our profession facing impending challenges, know that CSMLS is here to support you.

  Over 125 hours of free learning

We offer various professional development opportunities to fit yourschedule and learning requirements.

*Premium Content not included.

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