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National Medical Laboratory Week 2012

April 22 - 28, 2012

National Medical Laboratory Week is just around the corner. It’s time to Celebrate and Inform!

Participating in National Medical Laboratory Week has never been so easy. Browse through the celebratory and awareness building activities below and choose the ones that best suit you.

Don’t sit on the sidelines. After all, this is your week – commemorate it!

For every activity you participate in, we are one step closer to reaching our goal of 10,000 actions and making sure that this National Medical Laboratory Week, lab professionals are recognized, celebrated and appreciated!

Help us fill the flask. Our goal is 30,000 actions!

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Order free wearable items for you and your lab staff

Celebrate in true lab-geek-chic style with NMLW pocket protectors, buttons and wrist bands. Wear them inside and outside of the lab and show off your professional pride. Order yours today.

Please Note: You can order promotional display items (ie. Posters) by clicking on the "Create a Display" action.

  1. Order free promotional items for you and your lab staff

  2. Wear in pride in the weeks leading to NMLW

Send a NMLW e-Card

Send the special lab professionals in your life a NMLW e-Card. A quick and easy way to brighten someone’s day by saying, “I appreciate the work you do”. Send an e-Card now.

  1. Select the e-Card design to send

  2. Enter your recipient’s email address(es)

  3. Personalize your e-Card message

  4. Send your e-Card

Change your Facebook profile picture

Update your Facebook profile picture to the "I heart labs" badge. Show your Facebook friends that you are a proud lab professional.

  1. Download the "I heart labs" badge

  2. Log onto Facebook and update your photo with the NMLW picture


Honour Your Staff

Sometimes small gestures have the biggest impact. Use NMLW to recognize your lab staff by honouring someone with a “Lab Professional of the Day” certificate. Use these certificates to recognize someone who makes the lab a better place to work.

  1. Download the certificate template

  2. Present the certificate to your outstanding staff member

  3. Award a Lab Professional for the week or a new one each day

Treat Yourself

What better time than NMLW to go shopping. Treat yourself to something other than a white lab coat at your local Mark’s Work Wearhouse and Dickie’s Workwear. The good folks at Mark’s and Dickie’s are offering CSMLS members an exclusive discount to help celebrate NMLW.

  1. Download the Mark’s Work Wearhouse and/or Dickie's Workwear coupons

  2. Go shopping


Select an action to learn more.

Drive the Our Focus Is You campaign

Raising awareness about the medical lab profession is just a mouse-click away. Help drive traffic to our public awareness site and show the public just how vital labs really are.

  1. Watch the 2012 NMLW video

  2. Share the video and the website

Create an Informative Display

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Set up an informational display to spread the word. Displays can be in high traffic areas of your hospital/facility, or consider more public venues such as shopping malls, libraries or schools. Start the conversation with some free giveaways, provided by CSMLS.

  1. Obtain permission to set up a public display in the area of your choice

  2. Order free posters, brochures and giveaways to hand out at your display

  3. Be proud and share how important lab professionals are!

Educate Your Colleagues

The pen is mightier than the sword. Use your hospital/facility’s internal employee communications (e.g. newsletter, intranet, etc.) to get your voice heard. Write an article explaining NMLW and the role of medical lab professionals in the health care system.

  1. Contact your Communications Department to discuss your article idea. Be sure to ask about the preferred length and deadlines.

  2. Write your article or use the sample article as a starting point. Download a sample.

  3. Submit your article and share the importance of the lab with your entire hospital!

Inspire Young Minds

NMLW is a great opportunity to inspire future generations of lab professionals. Host a contest with local schools inviting students to be a “Lab Professional for a Day”. Winners of the contest will be invited to spend time in the lab and learn about the equipment, tests and results.

  1. Download contest guidelines to get you started

  2. Organize your Lab Professional for a Day contest

  3. Start inspiring future lab professionals in your community.

Media Attention

Your local media might be interested in what is happening in your lab. Work with your hospital/facility’s communications department to send out a press release about NMLW and the important work done in the lab. Consider adding to the story by inviting the media to a special event you are hosting for NMLW.

  1. Write an intriguing press release. Download a sample.

  2. Send your release to every local media outlet (e.g. newspaper, radio, cable tv)

  3. Represent lab professionals in your community proudly

Host an Open House

Host an open house and invite staff from other departments in your facility to get an in-depth look at the lab. This would be a great time to hold a question/answer session to address some FAQs about the lab. Make it a fun and casual event; people are more receptive when there is the promise of coffee.

  1. Use our Open House checklist to help get you started

  2. Welcome guests into your lab

  3. Host an informative and fun event

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