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Medical lab professionals (MLPs) provide laboratory test results to physicians that help them make critical medical decisions. MLPs role in the health care system is vital, even though their patient interaction is limited.

The majority of Canadians surveyed (96%) believe that MLAs impact patient care


If you are interested in a career in the medical laboratory sciences, your career path starts in the classroom with an MLA training program.

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Why challenge the CSMLS exam?

Lowest priced MLA exam in Canada
A professional credential recognized nationally
An exam developed by MLAs for MLAs
Rigorous exam development unlike any other MLA exam offered in Canada
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Provides portability to most provinces and territories; because you never know where life is going to take you!

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To help you prepare, CSMLS has created video modules to provide helpful information for those getting ready for the competency based CSMLS Certification Exam.

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Need a little career direction? CSMLS has gathered career tips (including resume writing and interview skills) all in one place for you with our new series “Career Advice”. With the help of employers across Canada, CSMLS has created five videos to help you prepare for your first (or next) career move in the medical laboratory profession.

The basics of Resume Writing
Cover Letters & References on your Resume
Preparing for an Interview
What to do the Day of the Interview
During the interview

Take pride in your chosen career and rely on CSMLS to support you every step of the way!


Working as an MLA? Still wondering if the profession is right for you?

Join the online discussion to connect with MLAs across the country. Share your challenges, successes and plans for your professional future. Visit the forum.

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85% of Canadians surveyed would feel more confident in the abilities of an MLA if they passed a national exam.


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