Remote Proctoring for Computer-Based Examinations

Remote Proctoring

Given the ongoing situation with COVID-19, there is an opportunity to deliver CSMLS’ computer-based, multiple choice examinations using onlineremotely proctored testing (RPT) as an additional exam delivery mode. For June 2020, a candidatewho lives in Canada will have a choice to take CSMLS’ upcoming computer-based exams either in-person at a Prometric test centre or via their ProProctor remote proctoring platform, unless the candidate resides in or wishes to work in Manitoba (please see the CMLTM website for more information). Future use of remote proctoring beyond June 2020 will be decided after further evaluation of this exam delivery mode.

With Prometric’s ProProctor remote proctoring platform, candidates:

  • can take the exam at home, regardless of where they live in Canada
  • use their own computer and Internet
  • are monitored by a live proctor and artificial intelligence via web camera & microphone / speakers

System Requirements

Using ProProctor requires a computer and system that are compatible with and meet Prometric’s minimum requirements. The computer must:

  • be a desktop or laptop computer with a webcam and microphone / speakers, placed on a desk
  • be running a current version of Google Chrome
  • utilize Windows 7 or higher; MacOS 10.13 or higher
  • be plugged directly into a power source (without a docking station)
  • not be connected to an additional monitor
  • have a stable, WIRED, internet connection (plugged directly into the router using an ethernet cable) - speed at least 0.5mbps or greater. You can use wireless, but this may cause excessive connectivity issues
  • have a computer monitor whose screen resolution is set at 1920 x 1080

Other requirements to take the exam at home are:

  • No other occupants of home should be streaming content on the internet (e.g., Netflix or YouTube) while the exam is in progress, as it can cause the exam to disconnect
  • Must be able to comfortably move your connected computer webcam (built-in or otherwise) around your room for up to 10 minutes for a full environment scan
  • a monitor with a built-in camera (including laptops), will require the candidate to have a mirror during the security check to show that the front and back of their monitor does not have any notes attached to it
  • If possible, the candidate should place a large mirror behind them for the duration of the exam, this will cause random security scans to be minimized
  • Must be comfortable communicating with the proctor in English

Candidates must do an initial system check as early as possible that confirms their computer meets Prometric’s minimum requirements. Click here to do the check today.

Issues While Remote Proctoring

If a candidate has issues while taking the exam, the proctor is available via the chat feature at any time during the exam session.

If connectivity is lost during the exam session, Prometric will work with the candidate to get them re-connected, as long as it can be done on the same day.

To reconnect, the candidate must go to the same place they launched the exam, enter their confirmation number and last name and re-launch the exam.

When they re-join, the Readiness Agent who greets them will see they had been in a session and dropped, they will perform the check-in again, then get the candidate to a Remote Proctor. It’s unlikely it’ll be the same people as they had earlier.

If this still does not work candidates can reach out for Technical Support at:

For more information please check the Prometric RPT FAQs and Common Technical Issues here:

Unscheduled Breaks

If a candidaterequires an unscheduled break, the candidatemust contact the proctor via the chat feature immediately, if the candidate’s face disappears from view or the candidate leaves the room without contacting the proctor first, they may not be allowed to resume their exam.

If a candidate does take an unscheduled break, the exam timer WILL NOT stop and will still be counting down while the candidate is gone. Once the candidate returns to the computer, they will have to go through the full security check again, while the exam timer is counting down (same as in-person testing). The exam will start up where you left off.

If the candidate is not back in a timely manner, they may not be let into the exam. If a candidate is gone for longer than 30 minutes, the exam will be considered abandoned, it will be closed and may be considered a lost attempt, regardless of the results.

Remote Proctoring Exam or Testing at Test Centre?

Not all candidates will be able to take the exams remotely at home. If candidates do not meet the requirements to take the exam at home, they must take the exam in-person at an available Prometric test centre.


Prometric does not have French-speaking proctors for remote proctoring. French-speaking candidates must be willing to take the exam with English-speaking proctors or in-person at a Prometric test centre where French-speaking Test Centre Administrators are available. In both cases, the exam questions and exam platform are in French.

In-person exams at Prometric’s test centres are conducted in a safe environment with enhanced cleaning procedures, use of personal protective equipment for candidates and staff, and enforced physical distancing.

All candidates scheduled for in-person testing MUST wear a face mask for the entire time they are in the test centre.

See Prometric’s website for more information about their physical distancing policies.

More Information

Candidates can watch a video about remote proctoring on the Prometric website.

CSMLS thanks everyone for their patience as we work through the steps to deliver exams on the new dates at Prometric test centres and via RPT.

CSMLS will continue to provide updates about our exam session as more information becomes available.

- With thanks from the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada

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