Lab Implications of Alberta Election Results

April 17, 2019
Yesterday evening, Albertans elected the United Conservative Party (UCP), led by former Federal Cabinet Minister Jason Kenney. From dissolution, the UCP increased from 25 to 63 seats across the province—a landslide victory against the NDP who lost 28 seats. The Alberta Party and the Liberal Party lost all of their candidates, meaning they will no longer have spots in the Provincial legislature.

The UCP, recently formed as a combination of the Progressive Conservative party and Alberta Wild Rose party, takes a hard stance on creating jobs, supporting the oil industry and reducing government spending. As a member of opposition, Jason Kenney stated that his United Conservative government would work to reduce bureaucratic bloat in health care and explore private delivery options.

Jason Kenney stated during the election, as a part of his plan to save taxpayer dollars, the United Conservative government would scrap plans for Government owned medical superlabs and revisit a plan to put all laboratory services under government control. The Kenney Government believes the private sector will provide services and support to Albertans without the cost to taxpayers. The reductions are expected to include a plan to shrink the Alberta Public Laboratories and cancel the $590-million superlab in Edmonton. Furthermore, the new government would abandon plans for the acquisition of Dynalife’s Northern Alberta lab service rights in 2022. DynaLife is responsible for the majority of tests in the Edmonton region are handled by private provider.

How do you think the election of the new Alberta Government will affect healthcare, and specifically laboratory services, in the province?
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