Exciting Changes to the CSMLS Certification Exam

May 03, 2018
The CSMLS is excited to be bringing our certification exams to the forefront of best practices by implementing computer-based testing for all four CSMLS examinations (General MLT, MLA, Cytology and Genetics).  CSMLS will be collaborating with Prometric to provide the computer-based testing services that will enhance the student experience as well as the testing process itself.

We are planning the first sitting of a computer-based CSMLS exam to be the February 2019 MLA exam and are working toward the General MLT, Cytology and Genetics exams to commence with the June 2019 sitting.  The implementation also coincides with the reduction of the exam duration (MLT only).

The move to computer-based exams will allow CSMLS to offer the most progressive, state-of-the-art exam delivery method, in line with best practices for high-stakes exams.  It enables enhanced exam security as well as faster scoring and reporting. Students will benefit from more flexibility in scheduling time and choice of writing location, as well as greater consistency in the exam writing environment.

While this is a significant change for the certification exam, many aspects of the examination will remain the same.  The exam questions will be in the same format as previous exams; questions will be created through the same item writing process and scored in the same manner.  Accommodations for students will still be available upon request.
We are excited to work with Prometric over the coming months to bring our examination services up to the leading edge of exam security and delivery so that we can better serve students, regulators, and the greater laboratory community.
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