CSMLS Recommendations for Simulation in Assessment of MLA Competencies

June 08, 2020

As more medical laboratory assistant (MLA) education programs use simulation for training and evaluation, educators are asking for guidelines to ensure Canada`s programs continue to meet the high standards for which they are known. In response to this need, the Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science (CSMLS) has released the guidance document CSMLS Recommendations for Simulation in Assessment of MLA Competencies to provide greater definition to the boundaries of the use of simulation by MLA education programs.

The guidance document, which can be accessed here , lists specific competencies and whether each can or cannot be assessed through simulation. It also sets the maximum percentage of simulation for which each practice domain can be assessed.
The document is designed for use by both accreditation bodies and educators. Effective immediately, Accreditation Canada will use this document when conducting program reviews for the accreditation process. CSMLS also expects educators will use this tool when developing or redesigning program curricula to include more simulation-based training.

The CSMLS has long supported the use of simulation-based education in academic programs to assist students in achieving CSMLS-defined competencies. It has also supported the use of simulation to partially replace and/or enhance clinical placement training in order to expediate students` progress in entering the labour force. We hope that this document provides the framework and support needed to take full advantage of simulation`s role in education and addressing the health human resource shortage. 

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