Lobby Days 2016

December 01, 2016
April 19, 2016: As part of an ongoing effort to advocate for the medical laboratory profession, CSMLS took its message to Ottawa for the annual Lobby Day on April 19, 2016.

CSMLS recognizes the need to consistently foster our government relations to inform political decision-makers about the profession and this effort is paying off. With every annual visit, CSMLS and the medical laboratory community are becoming more familiar and recognizable to MPs.

Entering 2016, CSMLS is faced with lobbying a new government with many new faces on the Hill. In addition to highlighting the vital role medical laboratory professionals play in Canada’s health care system, the team discussed the looming shortage of medical laboratory professionals and the strategies we would support to address the shortages. These strategies include:

Increasing the number of new graduates by addressing the shortage of clinical placements.
Better integration of internationally educated lab professionals into the Canadian workforce through long-term and sustainable funding for bridging programs.
Including MLTs in the existing Canada Student Loans relief program to recruit MLTs to rural and remote communities. 

CSMLS remains committed to informing both federal and provincial politicians that will bring our issues to the forefront of the government’s agenda.

November 22, 2016: CSMLS headed to Ottawa on November 22 for a second Lobby Day in 2016. A group of CSMLS staff and volunteers headed to Parliament Hill to meet with Members of Parliament (MPs) to address the shortage of medical laboratory professionals in rural and remote areas.

CSMLS was organized into two meeting groups where they met with key stakeholders from different political parties, various ridings, and senior political staff. They heard a variety of opinions on the issue during their meetings. Some Parliamentarians were very interested in the message and would like to schedule a laboratory tour in the near future.

On the Ministerial staff level, Policy Advisors at Education and Social Development Canada (ESDC) and Finance seemed to touch on a number of issues affecting the profession. ESDC appears to be a useful potential partner in the move to address some of the pressing issues CSMLS faces but the agreed method to do so is still very much in the discussion stage.

CSMLS will be heading back to Parliament Hill in April to continue discussions with federal decision makers.
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